Energy Efficiency


The Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider assists rural and small community water and wastewater utility systems in evaluating their energy needs, consumption and costs; recommending measures to reduce energy consumption; and identifying potential funding sources for improvements.

  • Conduct water and/or wastewater energy efficiency assessments, with follow-up implementation assistance to selected systems who previously received energy assessments.
  • Assist and educate water and wastewater utility systems to: identify their current energy sources and rate structures; and identify the primary energy consuming devices in the system.
  • Educate utility systems how to understand: their electric company’s billing structure; the current energy demand of the existing equipment; the most cost-effective equipment upgrade options; and the funding options available.
  • Educate utility systems how to optimize power usage schedules to minimize peak demand usage in the system. Educate utility systems on the opportunities to increase energy efficiency with high efficiency pumps, motors, and enhanced technology controls. Provide information on the return on investment of capital expenditures on energy efficient equipment. Educate and assist utility systems on the funding options available such as internal funding and/or funding through the RUS/NRWA Revolving Loan Fund and other sources.
  • Introduce and educate water and wastewater utility systems on the key management areas of sustainable utility management. Participants will learn the self-assessments skills necessary to identify their strengths, challenges, and prioritize improvement efforts.